Wake your walk with Newfeel shoes.

Looking for a pair of shoes that compliment casual dressing as well provide the comfort for long walks? Look no further, Many shoes are the solution. They are perhaps the best and most versatile walking shoes that provide an unparalleled walking experience and do not compromise on the fashion aspect either. They are designed for everyday use. Keeping in mind that walking is an everyday activity these shoes are designed combining sport technology, style and innovation. Owing to their design Many walking shoes are the most versatile in terms of style and are best suited for urban walking.

Many shoes come in cool colours!

In order to make the best walking shoes, the Newfeel brand develops their footwear in close collaboration with chiropodists, test customers and R&D engineers. Many makes walking shoes for men and women. They are ideal for everyday use as they are lightweight walking shoes.  The shoes comprise of an upper mesh and rubber outsole. Owing to the flexibility of the sole these are the most comfortable walking shoes. The upper mesh also ensures good ventilation for your feet.

Since these shoes are primarily designed for walking they come with a thin sole that facilitates the natural roll-through of your foot. The comfort level of these shoes cannot be stressed enough, and what’s more, they are very reasonably priced! Another advantage is that Many shoes are machine washable and they also dry quickly.  So, if your shoes tread everywhere and are likely to get dirty soon, you will not have to think twice about tossing them in the washing machine.

The Newfeel Many shoes are back in some snazzy new colours. Sports365 is having an offer on them. So, don’t miss your chance to get 25% off on a pair of the best walking shoes!

25% discount on Many shoes.

You can get an idea of how trendy these shoes are from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=seHXRoPW-Sc

Sports365 is the one stop shop for all your sports and fitness merchandise needs. To buy walking and running shoes online do have a look at our website. We have a number of attractive discounts on other sports shoes as well, so be sure to shop for footwear online from us.

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